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Etherscan for the Aurora network, can be found at for Mainnet and at for Testnet.

This instance of Etherscan on the Aurora network is called Aurorascan, and leverages Etherscan’s comprehensive feature set and proven reliability. Through Aurorascan, users and developers can get access to developer tools and network statistics that provide extended insights into Aurora's EVM. This is a beta release, as more features will be added soon.

To extend the Ethereum ecosystem, Aurora believes that the proper solution should be as simple as possible to give projects the most seamless migration. For this reason, Aurora uses ETH as a base token—the token in which the transaction fees will be denominated. However, protocol-level/API compatibility is not everything. It is quite important for users and developers to have the same infrastructure projects in place to feel comfortable.

Etherscan is the most well-known block explorer for Ethereum, capable of delivering statistics, token transfers and lists, smart contract source code verification, and issuing read & write calls directly from the UI. Users will be able to view transactions, addresses, and blocks. Developers will also be able to see a wide range of charts and statistics related to smart contract execution, collator data, specific transfers between tokens, and a list of ERC-20 tokens on Aurora.