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Bridging ETH BalancesΒΆ


Bridging ETH is currently only enabled for Ropsten Testnet to Aurora Testnet.

Before you begin, ensure you have the Ropsten Testnet selected in MetaMask (see instructions here).

If you need Ropsten ETH to transfer, you can get some from faucets such as MetaMask's or DeFi Karen's. For this tutorial, you should have (at least) 2 Ropsten ETH already on your account.


Go to the Bridge UI. If you have not yet connected MetaMask to the UI, follow the instructions here. Enter the amount of ETH to transfer in the Amount box (in this example we send 1 ETH) then click Continue.


Click Confirm, then confirm the transaction in the MetaMask pop-up.



After a minute or two the transaction on the Ropsten network will confirm in MetaMask. At this point the ETH is locked on the Ropsten side in a contract, and it has emitted a Deposit event. The Aurora relayers watch for such events and automatically forward a transaction to the NEAR network (where Aurora runs). This takes some time because we must wait for multiple block confirmations on Ropsten to be sure it will not revert. While this is happening you will see an intermediate message in the Bridge UI.



After the transaction is complete (several minutes later) it will appear as "Completed" in the UI.


You can now see your balance in MetaMask by switching to the Aurora Testnet.