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How bridging tokens between Ethereum and Aurora work?

You need to select the direction of transfer, the token you want to transfer, and the amount. Your address on Aurora will be the same as your Ethereum address. The Rainbow Bridge could be used with MetaMask, Aurora Pass or any other WalletConnect compatible wallet. You can add Aurora as an network to MetaMask here.

Which tokens are supported with Rainbow Bridge?

You can find the list of supported tokens here.

How to add my assets to the bridge?

We have this UI interface to deploy and view bridge tokens. Just follow the steps there to deploy your own token from Near or Ethereum chains. After that, please provide the metadata by creating a PR in bridge-assets. Then, when our team will merge it - your token will be ready to be bridged.

How long will transfers take?

To ensure security, transfers to Aurora take about 20 minutes, and transfers back to Ethereum take about a 4-8 hours. In the case of using the Fast Bridge option, transfers to Ethereum take only a few minutes.

Am I able to initiate multiple transfers via Rainbow Bridge in parallel?

Yes! Since confirmation of transfer can take a while, you’ll be able to initiate any number of concurrent transfers.

I have a few more questions. Where can I get help?

For support and help with any questions, don't hesitate to reach out on Telegram channels: official channel, support in Discord, development channel.