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Deposit from Binance

1). Go to and connect your wallet.

2). Click the “Generate my deposit address” button to create your Deposit Address:


You might need to wait for a minute for it to be generated.

3). Go to the Binance (Web or Mobile app) and withdraw the funds to your Forwarder Deposit Address:


Make sure to select Near Protocol as the withdrawal network. And one of the supported tokens: USDC, USDT or NEAR.

You can get your Deposit Address from the Aurora+ website by clicking the 'Copy' button or by scanning the QR code with your camera in the application:


Then, enter the amount of the tokens to withdraw and click the 'Withdraw' button.

4). Confirm the transaction by supplying the information needed (2FA and/or confirmation code from email) and wait for the 'Withdrawal Successful' notification from Binance.

5). Once the withdrawal on CEX is finished, assets will be forwarded to your Aurora account automatically. You can check them via the History tab.