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Deposit from Coinbase

1). Go to and connect your wallet.

2). Click the “Generate my deposit address” button to create your Deposit Address:


You might need to wait for a minute for it to be generated.

3). Go to Coinbase App (Web or Mobile) and withdraw the funds to your Forwarder Deposit Address. First, click the '':


Make sure to select one of the supported tokens: USDC, USDT or NEAR.

You can get your Deposit Address from the Aurora+ website by clicking the 'Copy' button or by scanning the QR code with your camera in the application:


Then, enter the amount of the tokens to withdraw and click the 'Withdraw' button.

4). Confirm the transaction and wait for the 'Withdrawal Successful' notification from Coinbase on your email:


5). Once the withdrawal on CEX is finished, assets will be forwarded to your Aurora account automatically. You can check them via the History tab.