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Aurora Chain

Aurora Chain is a dedicated EVM-compatible blockchain built on top of the NEAR Protocol. It is your own instance of Aurora – every Aurora Chain is based upon the Aurora smart contract, also called Aurora Engine. It provides you with a customized and dedicated blockchain environment.

Benefits include:

  1. No need for additional validators: when your Aurora Chain is deployed, it automatically gets all the Near Blockchain validators, which are above 300.
  2. Configuration: create whitelists, choose your own custom token, gas mechanics, integrate KYC, and much more.
  3. Complete ecosystem: the Rainbow Bridge, on-ramps, indexers, oracles, DEXes, etc., Aurora Cloud provides a selection of integrations that can be deployed to your chain in order to speed up development
  4. Focus on your business: Aurora Labs team is available to support each step of the integration.
  5. Seamless interoperability with Aurora, Near, and any other Aurora Chains: you can freely move your assets using the Rainbow Bridge and call contracts via cross-contract calls (XCC). There is no disjointness in between. You can call any smart contract in any other Aurora Chain or NEAR and interact with them freely.
  6. Top-notch TPS: we can provide you dozens of millions of transactions daily for your ecosystem – 1k+ transactions per second.

What can be configured?

To make Aurora Chain work in the best possible way for your business, we will help you to configure your setup. Among the features to configure are:

  1. Base token of your Aurora Chain.
  2. Gas mechanics within your chain, such as fixed fee or percentage-based fees, gasless transactions, paying for gas with a custom token, etc.
  3. Permission levels: whitelist usage - who can transact or deploy contracts? You can learn about how to operate Aurora Chain Whitelists from your DApp here.
  4. Private chain: can be built using a private NEAR shard Calimero.

Learn more

Here are some in-depth articles to discover details about how Aurora Chain works and how it has been developed:

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If you feel your business could benefit from Aurora Cloud, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].