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Networks Endpoints

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) support is currently available on the following networks:

NetworkEngine IDChain IDEndpoint URL
Mainnetaurora1313161554 (0x4e454152)
Testnetaurora1313161555 (0x4e454153)
Localnetaurora.test.near1313161556 (0x4e454154)http://localhost:8545

Find the status page and public incident log at You can also subscribe to incident notifications there.


Aurora runs on top of NEAR, meaning that the underlying NEAR gas is the real measure of computational work. However, for compatibility with Ethereum we want our users to be able to pay for transactions with ether (ETH). To enable this, the Aurora infrastructure includes relayers which encapsulate ordinary EVM transactions into NEAR transactions, submit them on-chain, and return the transaction result.

Transaction cost ~$0.02 (this value is not calculated automatically, just based on our observations).




The Mainnet Web3 endpoint is at: (port 443)


The Mainnet Websocket endpoint is at: wss://


The Testnet Web3 endpoint is at: (port 443)


The Testnet Websocket endpoint is at: wss://